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hot appetizers

hot appetizers

Ika Yaki.   $8

Grilled whole squid. Topped with soy sake


Saba Shiso Yaki.   $7

Grilled Mackerel with salt and sided by white raddish


Kaki Fry.   $7

Breaded fresh oyster, sprinkled salt, sided by katsu sauce


Ika Geso Kara Age.   $5

Tempured squid legs, sprinkled salt and pepper, sided by spicy mayo


Ika Ring.   $7 

Tempured breaded squid sided by spicy mayo


Tatsuta Age.   $7

Tempured marinated chicken thigh sided by spicy mayo


Okonomi Yaki. $6

Seafood pancake with egg, cabbage, squid, shrimp, seaweed powder, Japanese mountain potato, and topped with bonito flakes.


Pork/Chicken Cutlet.   $9

Tempured chicken/pork, sprinkled salt and pepper, sided by katsu sauce.


Tako Yaki.   $6

Tempured octopus topped with seaweed powder and mayo, sided by katsu sauce


Birkshire Sausages.   $7

Grilled/steamed Birkshire sausages


Mongo Ika Tempura.   $7 

Tempured mongo flavored squid with shiso leaf sided by tempura sauce


Buta Kimchi.   $8

Fresh bacon, kimchi, chives, and bean sprout, marinated with light soy, and sake


Sautéed Mushroom.  $7

Shitake mushrooms, Enoki mushrooms, and bean sprouts marinated with black pepper, sake, butter, and light soy


Agedashi Tofu.   $5

Fried tofu with tempura sauce, scallions, and spicy raddish


Miso Seabass.   $16

Chilean Sea Bass marinated with miso, butter, and sake, topped with blacker pepper and mushrooms


Beef Negimaki.    $8

Thin sliced beef rolled with scallion, bean sprout, broccoli, and carrot and marinated with teriyaki sauce


Diced Steak.   $14

Sirloin fillet mignon, broccoli, and bean sprout grilled with butter


Grand Marnier Shrimp.  $12 

Tempured shrimps topped with pine nuts


Salmon Teriyaki.  $8 

Salmon, broccoli, bean sprout and carrot, served with teriyaki sauce


White Tuna Teriyaki.   $10

White tuna, broccoli, and bean sprout and carrot served with teriyaki sauce


Spicy Shrimp Teriyaki.  $12

Shrimp broccoli, bean sprout, and carrot served with teriyaki and chili sauce


Chicken Teriyaki.   $7

Chicken, broccoli, bean sprout, and carrot serverd with teriyaki sauce


Pork/Vegetable Gyoza.   $5

Fried pork/vegetable Japanese dumpling sided by Gyoza sauce


Ebi Shumai (steamed shrimp dumpling).  $5

Steamed ground shrimp/wasabi flavored shrimp dumpling sided by Gyoza sauce



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