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chef spotlight

We are very proud to be home to our Head Sushi Chef Tasaka Yasuhiko. “Sensei” has 40+ years experience in the art of sushi preparation & presentation.  Sensei specializes in traditional preparation with Japanese authenticity, just watching him prepare your dish is a treat. He always has some secret selections hidden up his sleeve for the seasoned sushi lovers as well as the newbies. All you have to do is ask….

how to order

The traditional Japanese style of eating is to eat in an order to best enjoy the flavor and purpose of each dish. As Izakayas are evolving in other countries, the trend is favoring the tapas style of ordering several small plates and sharing versus the more traditional coursing. Our Chefs want your dish to be enjoyed at the best temperature, so unless otherwise specified, your selections will be served as they are prepared.

dietary requests

We have a variety of vegetarian options available on our menu. We can also accommodate gluten free, sugar free, and other specific dietary needs. Please do not hesitate to speak with a member of our staff about your options.


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